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47b45a04a846e The awesome faculty band!
Mrs. Spake on "Wrangle the Bulldog" day.
The awesome faculty band!

Staff Directory

Superintendent Olivia Del Hierro Gloria Inserted Image


Kindergarten & PreK Melody Rizan         Inserted Image
Aide Rachel Hawkins        
1st Grade Danielle Sanders     Inserted Image
2nd Grade Beth Donham          Inserted Image
3rd Grade Susan Jones          Inserted Image
4th Grade Nancy McGreger       Inserted Image
5th Grade Emily Cates        
6th Grade James Jackson        Inserted Image



Rian Potysman 



7th & 8th Math, Girls Athletics

Cody Propps          Inserted Image

History, Boys Athletics Shannon Waters       Inserted Image
Math Becky Jones          
Science Susan Spake          Inserted Image
Career Tech./College Prep., Girls Athletics Mindy Flowers        
Career Tech. Matthew Potysman    
Testing Coordinator/Special Ed./ESL Melissa Everson      Inserted Image

History, Boys Athletics

Larry Welch



Support Staff

Secretary Stacia Propps
Custodian Jacqueline Arms
Cafeteria Gracie Homstad
Nurse Mandi Perry
Maintenance Marshall Reed, Gene Gloria


Staff Directory

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08/28/2008 Belle Grill & Nancy McGreger are the best!!!! 2 of my 3 favorite teachers!!!!!! James Tomlinson Tyler, TX IT admin

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